Friday, February 15, 2008

President's Day/AF Tip of the Day

I have been waiting to write about this for awhile, and the time is finally here.

There is no such thing as Presidents Day! But wait a minute doesn't it say Presidents Day on calendars and aren't government buildings and banks closed on Presidents Day? How can it not exist?

The proper name of the holiday being celebrated on Monday, February 18, 2008 is George Washington's Birthday.

According to The New Yorker magazine, (February 19 & 26th, 2007), "Ever since 1968 when, in one of the last gasps of Great Society reformism, holidays were rejiggered to create more three day weekends, federal law has decreed the third Monday in February to be Washington's Birthday."

"According to Prologue , the magazine of the National Archives, it was a local department-store promotion that went national when retailers discovered that, mysteriously, generic Presidents clear more inventory than particular ones, even the Father of His Country. Now everybody thinks it's official, but it's not."

So there you are, President's Day is just another phony holiday drummed up by business' to sell stuff. I hope fans of Benjamin Harrison, Millard Fillmore, Grover Cleveland, Warren Harding, and all of the other presidents take no offense at this. It's Washington we should be recognizing! So tell all these retailers to get it right! And tell the calendar companies and the schools to stop recognizing a holiday that doesn't actually exist!

I know you are probably saying what harm does Presidents Day really do? Isn't it just another phony "holiday" dreamed up by retailers to sell stuff? Yeah it is. So why don't we have a real President's Day holiday during another part of the year, and stop disrespecting George Washington?

In my opinion, it is just another instance where people are lead to believe that something is true, when it's not! What else are we being told or taught that also isn't true?

Not enough people question things they are told anymore. They follow blindly whatever someone tells them is "fact". On Monday take a moment to think about everything we are being told and try to separate the fact from the fiction. And celebrate Washington's Birthday (which is in fact on either Feb 11th or Feb 22nd depending on which calendar you are using), by not buying anything until he finally gets his due.

And now, your AF Tip of the Day.

Figure out how long you need for pre-production, the double or triple it!

- - from The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide (coming in 2008)


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