Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tour Names/Howard Zinn/AF Tip fo the Day

You have 2 more days to submit your Angry Filmmaker Tour name, so don't forget. We're going to post our favorites next week then you can vote on them. Who ever submits the winning name will get two of my DVDs (your choice), autographed.

I just watched the Howard Zinn documentary, You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train. It's a keeper, check it out. How can you not respect Howard Zinn?

I must be in a working class/union mood, I also just re-watched The Wobblies (1979), a history of the IWW. Another great doc. The way things are going these days it's nice to see people who are not afraid to speak out and stand up for the workers. The working class is being squeezed out of existence. Also check out Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days series. He does one show where he and his girl friend move to Ohio and try to survive for a month on minimum wage. Very enlightening.

And now, your AF Tip of the Day.

Never put the final scene, big climactic scenes, or any love scenes early on in your shooting schedule if you can avoid it.

- - from The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide (coming in 2008)


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