Tuesday, February 12, 2008

DVD Labels/AF Tip of the Day

I have found this to be a problem recently (I know, most of you don't do this) but there are enough people out there who are doing it that I figured I should write about it. If you burn your own DVD's beware of paper stick-on labels.

A lot of people still seem to be putting paper labels on their DVD's. Here's the deal, if you put a paper label on a DVD and you don't get it on absolutely straight, I can't watch it. No, it's not because I hate paper labels. If the label is crooked it throws most DVD players off balance. It stops in most DVD players because it can't spin straight. And it doesn't take much to throw DVD players off.

This is an easy fix. You need to find blank DVD's that are white on the top, you should be able to buy them 100 at a time at places like Best Buy or Frye's. Then buy an Epson printer, like an R220 (that's the model I use), anyway these printers can print on to the white DVD's and CD's and the printers usually cost about $100. They are cheap and pretty rugged over all. I have two of them, and my first one has probably printed about 2500 discs. The reason I have two is that I have retired the first one from CD/DVD printing, I just use it for paper documents anymore.

The Epson's come with a program so that you can load your DVD art work in to it and the printing looks good. It is a cheap investment and your DVD's will always play. For some reason CD's can handle those paper labels better than DVD's, but I don't recommend those either. Lots of people have trouble with the paper labels, and there is nothing worse then telling someone you couldn't watch their DVD because of the labels. It also makes the person who gave you the DVD look foolish, and kind of amateur.

I know there are other printers besides the Epsons that will print on to CDs and DVDs, Epson is the one I use and I have been very impressed. I am not a fan of Canon printers. I have a portable that I travel with and it is my second. They are over priced and they really don't hold up all that well.

And now, your AF Tip of the Day.

I put very few titles at the beginning of my movies. Why? Because no one has ever heard of my cast or the crew. So let's just start the movie!
- - from The Angry Filmmakers Survival Guide (coming in 2008)


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