Friday, April 04, 2008

Bad Shoulder/AF Tip of the Day

It’s Friday and I am beat! My shoulder is still killing me from my shoot on Wednesday. I have a torn rotator cuff that should have been operated on years ago, (joys of no health insurance). It’s one of those things that hurts every day, but gets worse when I am lifting gear and moving things around. A buddy of mine used to play professional baseball and we have often talked about living in pain. He wakes up every morning and parts of his body just hurt, all these years later. I’ve never thought this was macho, it’s just what you do, and you live with it.

I think a lot of people live with physical pain because of our messed up health care system. I am not telling you anything you don’t know, with health insurance so expensive and the fact that they don’t cover most ailments; many working people can’t afford it. If you have health insurance, good for you, use it. I make my payments so that my daughter has coverage, (I may be angry but I’m not stupid). One day I am hoping we’ll all have affordable health coverage. I know, I’m dreaming.

I am just hoping that my shoulder feels better before Monday, when I am shooting a music video. I plan on hurting it all over again then.

The music video is for a singer/song writer named Paula Sinclair, (, check her out. I think she’s really talented.

And now, your AF Tip of the Day.

If making your movie is the most important thing. Then keep moving forward.
- - from The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide (coming in Spring 2008)


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