Friday, July 14, 2006

Editing and Moving Hell....

It has been nuts! Too much going on.

I have moved in to my small apartment and I am all set up. I have no living room because it is full of gear, but who needs a living room anyway? My shoulders are killing me from all the moving. I am getting too old for this crap, or I have too much crap to keep moving around. One of the two,. or maybe both...

I need to do a shout out to Avid, and Jeff McFadyen. My mother board blew out on my ancient IBM that was home to my copy of Express DV. The machine was old and a work horse, but sooner or later they all bite the dust. Anyway, there was some question about my being able to even upgrade, as my system was so old. I was told by one reseller to call some one else. I got hold of the person who had originally sold me the system, he told me he had been told that things had changed and according to his sources at Avid I would have to buy the whole new software package as my system was so old. I was pissed! So I sent an email to Jeff at Avid figuring I would never get a reply...

Not only did he get back to me the next business day, he basically made sure that I got the upgrade I needed and even discounted the new dongle. Thanks Jeff! I also spent about an hour on the phone with Rachel over there and she walked me thru a bunch of stuff on the new set up. Jeff and Rachel are one of the reasons I am loyal to Avid. It's great working with people who cares.

I know a lot of you out there are Final Cut Pro Users, and it seems like a good system, but Avid has always taken care of me and I'm sticking with them. If you are thinking about an editing system, check out Avid Express Pro. They are good people at Avid, and they care.

Now I can start editing the footage I have shot on the last two tours. I am making a doc on the American Dream. I have been interviewing people all over the country as I travel asking them what they think the American Dream is. Some interesting and surprising answers. Look for Part One to be available this Fall.

And speaking of the Fall... I am booking my Fall Tour as we speak. So those of you on my email list will be getting bothered again soon. I am planning on doing 7 weeks, and the tentative start is September 15th in Washington, DC. That means I am driving 2800 miles before my first gig. That's four days people. Anyone want to let Moses and I crash at their place while I am on the road?

Moses and I are looking forward to hitting the road again. I think Moses misses the road life. This dog is way too comfortable in Hotels. Thank God he can't order room service.

If you want me to come to your town, school, theater, or even over for dinner let me know. I am getting hungry...

The local PBS station did a profile of me that ran a few weeks ago. It was nice, and my site got lots of hits. Thanks Greg for doing such a good job on it. You made me look pretty good. Not that any one believed it.

I just did an interview for a local newspaper about my road adventures, hopefully that'll be running in a couple weeks.

The other new thing is my buddy Josh and I spent all day silk screening T-shirts. Yes, Angry Filmmaker T-shirts are finally available!

Order them on line, and I'll send them out asap.

That's it for now. Talk later.

Angrily yours,



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