Saturday, February 24, 2007

I need to apologize...

I need to apologize!

You know, I haven't been writing any thing worth reading in a while. I have been using my blog to promote my tours and me, but I haven't really let loose on anything in quite awhile. I guess I have been in a bit of a fink, and pre occupied with lots of other stuff. So to any one out there who is till reading me...

I apologize!

Let me get back in to what I used to write!

I am working here on a rainy Saturday in my apartment. I have to say that I do love apartment life. Yes I miss my house sometimes, but I love the lack of responsibility that comes with apartments. I can work more on my movies and I can write and not have to worry about how my yard looks. It's not my problem!

I have been having problems writing my own stuff, scripts and the like and I think that I have become so obsessed with getting the tour happening that I have been having trouble concentrating on the creative stuff. I need to get back in to it. I think I have been so concerned over Britney and K-Fed that I have been having trouble thinking about my own stuff. Okay that's not true. Actually I don't give a damn about any of that. it is just taking up useless space in my brain!

And today is the Independent Spirit Awards, and tomorrow are the Oscars. And you know what I have to say? Who cares! I actually think the Oscars are better than the Spirit Awards. Why you ask? Because the Oscars don't pretend to be anything they are not. They are an excuse for people to give awards to themselves and their peers because they feel like it. It is so big and phoney, but it always has been! Let them do it! It doesn't really make any difference to most of us!

The Spirit awards on the other hand are absolute BULL SHIT! Real Independent Filmmakers don't need awards to feel good about themselves. This is just an event cooked up by people who want to make big movies but haven't been able to break in to the Hollywood thing. They say the don't want that, and the Spirit Awards are the opposite of the Oscars! Give me a fuckin break! What real Independent Filmmakers want is an audience, an out let for their work. Does any one really care who wins a Spirit Award! Am I going to run out and see some film I have never heard of because it won a Spirit Award? Of course I am, right after I drop Paris Has-been off from our date!

The Indie Film Distributors think the awards are great, as long as their films win. It is good for business! What ever happened to making movies because we have to?

I HATE award shows! All of them! They bore me! And I sure as hell don't care who wins! I I would rather be writing or editing, or even reading a book during those shows. It is a hell of a lot more enjoyable to do that than to watch rich people parade around in clothes they don't own trying to be humble! I don't buy any of it! The good movies are never honored, and they most certainly never win! It is all a popularity contest! And I don't even want to be popular! (Not that I have to worry...).

You know what, I feel better now. I need to do this more often. Talk later.



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