Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl/Commercials/AF Comment of the Day

I didn't watch the Super Bowl, I watched something better. My daughter had a basketball game at 3:00 yesterday. Her team lost, but she scored 5 points and pulled down quite a few rebounds. Watching her play, and have fun was better than any Super Bowl.

And here is the thing that I don't get. 364 days a year people hate commercials! They do everything they can to avoid them. But one day a year people want to watch commercials? Commercials are NOT an art form! There are some really good commercials, and on occasion people can sneak art in to them, but they exist for one reason only. TO SELL US SHIT!

I do enjoy watching football every now and again, and I do enjoy a well done commercial. The fact that companies shell out millions of dollars per spot to make the commercials and then something like 2.7 million to air the 30 second spots during the game. Think of all the good independent features we could make with the budget of one SB commercial and the money spent to air it. (I use to make commercials and I am appalled...)

I hope I have better things to do then to sit in front of the television watching a game that isn't about the game anymore. I mean come on, a red carpet for celebrities to go in to the stadium? I also read that the biggest traffic jam after the game was actually going to be at the airports because it was estimated that close to 1000 private jets would be trying to leave after the game.
Next year lets have the Super Bowl game in Green Bay and see how many celebs show up for that one.

And now for something complete different... (with apologies to MP)

Your AF comment of the Day.

Why is it that people in the commercial business refer to themselves as "Creatives"? They are usually the least creative people I've ever met.

- - from The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide (coming in 2008)


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