Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Vans Warped Tour

I went to the Vans Warped Tour on Sunday, July 16th. The bands were great, the weather was great, and for the most part things were handled really well, especially the whole parking thing. I don't know how many people were actually there, but getting in and out of the parking lots was pretty easy and not much of a wait.


The Bull Shit started once we got there. When we went in at the beginning of the day we asked the people who were in charge, since this was a "festival-like" event, if it would be okay if we went in and out as we had left some things in our car, (i.e., food, sunscreen, and water). If it wasn't okay we would go grab what we needed and take it in with us then. The plan was to hear some music, wander around, go out, have lunch by the car, then go back in and hear more music. I was assured that this was not a problem.

So 3 hours later when we try to go back to the parking lot we are told by the people at the gate that if we left we couldn't get back in. WHAT THE FUCK! I politely told these people that we were assured by the people at the gate in the morning that this wouldn't be a problem. I was told we could have gone back and forth for only a short period of time and after that, you couldn't.

What the HELL does that mean? And why wasn't this stuff posted at the entrance? Printed on our tickets? I couldn't find any information about any of this anywhere. That's why I asked the question in the morning!

Now I know that this woman had probably had arguments with people earlier in the day about this, but I wasn't one of them. She was very bitchy to me, while I was trying to be polite. I mean let's face it, I have worked these kind of things before and we all know what assholes the public can be. That's why I was trying to be polite.

The upshot is that the people at the concert lied to us! First we were told we could go in and out, then we are told after we are in, that we can't. Basically they want you to pay really high prices for very bland food and water! Yes, there was free drinking water available in one spot way off to one side, pretty much away from everything. But it was there, and it was free. If you really wanted cold water near any of the stages or tents, you paid for it.

Wasn't the Vans Warped Tour supposed to be about Punk Rock? I thought it would be anti mainstream, you know, independent. But I guess I forgot that it is now sponsored by a huge cell phone company and they had a booth set up to give away junk by a huge bank! That's really punk! Yeah I know people are going to say that the Tour has bills to pay. And I am sure it does. It is a huge under taking. I wish they would just stop pretending that they are something they are not. They are not Punk! They are not independent!

So if you go to the Warped Tour, enjoy the music. Just remember that the people who run the place will lie to you, and their main goal is to separate you from your money.

I doubt if I'll be going again. It's too bad. Joan Jett and NO FX were great! It's the liars and the money hungry corporations I can do with out. Oh yeah, and the over priced lousy food.


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