Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Awards Bull Shit!

My hat is off to Jim Fields at Apartment 101 Films. Not only has he made a terrific documentary “Preserve Me A Seat” about old movie theaters disappearing, but he also sent me this note…

Hi Kelley,

I totally agree with you about the Independent Spirit Awards - what serious film anymore doesn't want to have an independent spirit? Interestingly, after yesterday's awards, bloggers at indiewire pointed out that in each category the film with the highest budget won - amazing huh? And if the so-called group "Film Independent" was truly concerned about independent filmmakers, then they would nominating truly independent films made for low budgets (instead of the current "under $20 million" it should be "under $20,000.00). This would get rid of the neo-Hollywood excess and would allow attention to be focused on high quality low-no budget films like this year's "Four Eyed Monsters" and "Dance Party, U.S.A." Just how bad are the Independent Spirit Awards and its founding organization, Film Independent? Check out this link to an expose published in yesterday's Los Angeles Times...,0,3755246,full.story

I hope you'll write and direct a new feature for us soon, so that you and the rest of us "truly indie filmmakers" out there self-distributing our work can make most, if not all, of these bogus awards and film festivals obsolete through public screenings across the country and online DVD sales. In the meantime...Stay Angry!

Your friend,


Read the article, it is great! It does expose some of the bull shit in the so-called Independent Film Industry.

Thanks Jim and good luck on your movie.

Check out Jim’s web site, Jim is one of the good guys!



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