Thursday, March 01, 2007

Filmmaker Magazine and The Angry Filmmaker’s Tour

Hey Everybody,

I am happy to announce that Filmmaker Magazine is a sponsor of my Spring Tour. I will be offering students a discount on subscriptions. Now some people may think that this constitutes “selling out”, but I read the magazine, have written for it, and I think they do good stuff. I believe in Filmmaker, and I recommend the magazine, but wait until I get there so you can save a few bucks…

And speaking of selling out, you can now get even more Angry Filmmaker merchandise! I have hooked up with Café Press to offer more types of shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and yes, even an Angry Filmmaker Wall Clock. So I will always be watching over you. Check it out at and click on “More Angry Filmmaker Stuff”.

There is still time to book me for this tour! Here is what a few people have said about me…

“Kelley Baker’s energy and “anger” burns up the theater. He visited Columbia College and gave a presentation to about 200 students from Screenwriting and Sound classes. The students loved his wit and humor and most importantly, he inspired them with the possibilities for their own films …. After his lecture and screening the students mobbed him to buy his films and to talk to him …

We’re bringing him back this semester for an encore performance and as a guest lecturer for several classes. We want to support what Kelley stands for in the filmmaking community, a story telling rabble rouser with a soul, but mainly we’re inviting him back because the students loved him and were inspired to make more films! And did I mention he’s a good time?”

Cari Callis
Screenwriting Area Coordinator, Columbia College

“ Students were interested in his experience and came away having a better understanding of the intricacies of postproduction sound work and the realities of working in the business and just “getting it done” rather than waiting around for someone to give you permission. In contrast with his “Angry Filmmaker” persona, Kelley is a terrific guest and a joy to talk to about film and the film industry. I recommend him as a speaker and his workshops as informative and worthwhile.”

Chris Hansen
Assistant Professor, Baylor University and award-winning Filmmaker

“In addition to his formal talk, Kelley engaged students in a nearly three hour one on one session where he answered a myriad of questions about working professionally and independently. He has a wealth of practical information to share, and I look forward to being able to bring him back for another visit.”

Lilly Boruszkowski
Professor, Southern Illinois University

Contact me at to book a workshop or screening. Don’t forget to check out

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