Friday, July 28, 2006

Michael Moore Can Bite Me!

I just finished reading an article about Michael Moore's new film festival. "Moore Hopes Film Festival Sends Message" (AP).


He is showing films like The Wizard of Oz, and is ending the night with a special screening of Woody Allen's new movie SCOOP. In between we are getting films by Jeff Daniels and Larry David. And let's not forget a film starring Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson. Atta boy Mike, that is INDEPENDENT!

I am so sick and tired of all of these Hollywood movies acting like "Independents". Is it because they have budgets under 10 million dollars? Wow, that is "indie"!

Mike, you are part of the problem you arrogant shit! Talking about how this film festival is a break away from Hollywood and how Hollywood builds things on an assembly line and people want to see movies that are made out side the mainstream. You know what, you are right. But you are doing the same thing that Hollywood is. Having big budgeted mainstream "independent" movies at your film festival.

I know what you're going to say, that you need some of these other movies to attract audiences that might stay and see an unknown movie but a real independent filmmaker. Is that why you are having panels with Hollywood insiders too? Are they going to talk about how the doors are closed off to us real independents unless we spend millions of dollars and get a star? Are they going to talk about how lazy the whole independent film industry has become? That the marketing people won't even try and sell movies with good stories and good acting? They can only sell it if it has a name actor involved? That's crap! As much as I love Julieanne Moore, I don't go out and see every movie she has done because she is in it!

Are they going to tell us that the only way they were able to finance their movies was because they knew someone?

I sat on a panel at Indie Memphis about raising money for movies. One of the panelists (who had worked on a few movies with a famous "Indie" Director), talked about how she would just go to parties in New York and pitch her ideas and some one would say, "that's a good idea, I think we can fund it". And they would just happen to be a big wig at some studio. She never saw that it was tough to get financing! Well guess what? Most Independent Filmmakers are not hanging out at parties in New York talking to an executive from Warner Brothers! We are at home, working on our movies and figuring out ways to get them seen!

I go to movies to see good stories and good acting. I don't give a shit who the actors are, as long as they are believable. I mean WHO WAS JARED HESS, before Napoleon Dynamite? Not exactly a house hold name...

I know that Jeff Daniels is from Michigan, and that's nice. Give him his own tribute. And I can't disagree with you honoring Stanley Kubrick either, he's one of my all time favorite directors as well. I also remember seeing Clockwork Orange when I was a kid and having it blow me away. Kubrick had a vision, and I think he was a maverick filmmaker, but I certainly wouldn't call him Independent. Not with all of the stars he used, and his budgets that came from Hollywood and New York.

Next time try a tribute to John Cassavetes, he was the real thing. A maverick and an Independent!

I just get fed up with people like you who started making films when there were Independents and now that you have made it, you talk about doing your own festival to help these other filmmakers get an audience. You MIGHT have been an Independent when you made Roger and Me, but now you are just another one of those wealthy filmmakers who give lip service to helping out other "Independent" filmmakers. Next time who will you be "helping out"? Other wealthy guys?

Hey Mike! How about a film festival featuring movies made for under $100,000 with good actors that no one has ever heard of? How about lending your name and your publicity machine to actually helping REAL Independent Filmmakers? Even Sundance abandoned that approach. They must have found out that it was a lot more fun and profitable to hang with the Hiltons, and other celebrities instead of promoting an entire festival of unknown filmmakers! But at least they tried in the early days. What about you?

Please stop this fucking charade that your festival is about "independents", unless of course you mean the Hollywood Corporate Independents. Then I guess you'll feel right at home.


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