Wednesday, March 28, 2007

On The Road - Pembroke, NC

I spoke yesterday at the University of North Carolina - Pembroke. It was great and the students asked some really good questions. I drove over the day before from Dickson, TN, about 35 miles west of Nashville.

Driving thru the South is interesting. The people I know are great. I got to try some moon shine a couple days ago and it was amazing! Not as raspy as I thought it would be, but my buddy told me that it was cut with apples so it was a bit sweet. I commented that it had quite a kick and it could probably really do some damage. With a smile in his eye my buddy told me, "You have no idea how much damage this stuff can do...".

I went back to bourbon for the evening. I am working after all.

I also got to see some wild turkeys (not the booze), and some amazing scenery.

I also saw a lot of formerly mobile homes and a lot of tin roofs. Parts of the south are like being on another planet, or another country. It is odd. Looking and seeing how some people live, it makes you wonder what the hell is going on in this country! Being poor in America is not for the faint of heart! I re-learn this every time I go out on tour. I think it is good for me. Especially after what I have gone thru financially these last few years. It keeps a lot of things in perspective.

I'll write more about that later.

I need to check out of my Motel and head to Boone, NC for the Open Apperature Film Festival there. I am looking forward to it...




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