Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thank you...

This is a thank you for all those people who wrote to me to say they supported my piece on Michael Moore, or as one person put it, MM Inc. Even my friends in Michigan said he was a schmuck! So there you have it! I got close to 50 positive emails, and only 2 people asked to be taken off the mailing list.

I guess people are getting tired of your shtick Mike!

I am working on the Fall Tour and starting to contact people in Europe for the Winter Tour. It is going well. So far these are the places I am going to be at, Creative Alliance & the Hamilton Arts Collective in Baltimore, Towson College and Villa Julie College in Maryland, Indie Memphis, St Paul, Mn, New England, Philadelphia, Rag Tag Cinema in Columbia, MO, West Virginia, a couple places in Texas, LA, and San Francisco.

There are a lot more places that are pending. When I have a better schedule I will post it. Please keep telling everyone you know about me and the tours. I want to do 50 dates in 60 days!

I need to get back to work now.




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